How to Become a Successful Woman
Collaborative book project 2018

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Join the How to Become a Successful Woman collaborative book project and raise your business and career to a higher level.

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                                               How to become a successful woman

I will draw your attention to the CCP 2018 year's collaborative project.

First of all, I look forward to receiving the applications from coaches, therapists, holistic therapists whose job is to change women’s lives.

The aim of the book is to support women through their stories and practices, to achieve their success in all their lives, to complete their vocations.

The collaborative cost including promotional materials, editing fee, etc. is $69

What I ask:

Max. 2,500 words chapter (with knowledge specialized in your field of expertise, which contains at least one practice; without illustration; in a Word format)

Author bio of up to 100 words

2 contact details (e-mail address, website address)

2 social media business pages

photo of yourself (min.300dpi)

Short answer:

Why is it important for women to become successful in their lives?

I'm offering:

Appearance in the Conscious Creators Series: How to Become a Successful Woman book

Bestseller Author status

Presentation in the Conscious Creators magazine

Introductory interview

Closed FB group

Conscious Creators Media Club FB group. (in close collaboration with the Conscious Creators Magazine)

The Conscious Creators Media Club builds a community where authors, bloggers, coaches, and therapists support each other, share their peers information, comment on them.A mastermind meeting is held in the group, where everyone can share their constructive opinion and become business associate.