It is an infinite joy for me to introduce the soon-to-be-released Conscious Creators book the focus of which is the woman.

A Transformational Coach, Holistic Life Coach, Body Mind Spirit Business & Life Coach, a Psychologist, an Artist, an Angelic Wealth Coach share their thoughts, life experiences, and practices.

You can read about their finding of their women, the importance of self-confidence, exit from the shadows, the power of the heart, the soul that is in the creation, and key moments.

You can read about the female creative force and how we can regain our original strength and find our true self and our goals in life.

When I imagine the book, I see that it helps thousands of women to open their hearts to the real female power.

I see life tired spirits be born again and become fully fledged.

Because success is not about money nor glitter, but about discovering the glow of our being and waking up.

I proudly introduce you, the awesome Co-Authors of How to Become a Successful Woman

Camy De Mario

Picture books author and freelance illustrator. Camy now ventures into a new inspirational and motivational realm of creation.

Her journaling and drawings supported her continuous and courageous efforts in overcoming struggles, so she decided to take “art therapy” classes.

She developed and just launched “Intentional DoodlingTM”.

A wife, a mother of four and a grandmother.

She currently lives in Vero Beach, Florida where with her husband she raises teenage twins and two dogs.

She is the Vice President of the “Vero Beach Art Club” and volunteers at “The Source” (poor and homeless) teaching “doodling and journaling” to their clients.

Jo Cruise – Coach and Author

For over two decades Joanne has helped women to achieve the success they deserve, showing them how to overcome their fears, reclaim their power, purpose, and passions. Joanne has over 30 years practice in the fields of the holistic lifestyle and personal development. Her approach is positive, empowering, enabling and genuine. Joanne combines a unique blend of coaching techniques, integrative wellness tools, and holistic self-care to support women on their sacred soul journey.

Co-author of several international bestselling books with the Conscious Creators Magazine and Book Series. Joanne is also a regular contributing writer for several other online magazines. She also has a YouTube channel dedicated to inspiring and encouraging women to fulfill their dreams and goals.

Karen Wiltshire is a Transition Life Coach. She uses her intuitive sense, wisdom and knowledge to transition from one stage of life to the next. Whether it is a kiss of a loved one, separation or divorce, Karen brings courage and conviction to her clients. "Grief never changes. It's a passage, not a place to stay. Grief is not a sign of weakness, nor a lack of faith...It is the price for love"

The Law of Attraction is having your very own Secret with the Universe.

Katalin Kocsis is Life Coach, Psychologist, and author of How To Creatively Increase Your Self-Confidence

Sarah Wall

Sarah is the owner of Body Mind Spirit Business & Life Coaching. She supports people to break through fear and limiting beliefs by clearing the clutter of the mind, using simple techniques that have the immediate and powerful impact.
She is also the creator of Yoga Vacations, providing a safe space for people to explore their inner world through yoga while traveling to beautiful destinations.
Sarah’s own journey into yoga, which began twenty years ago, has taken her around the world many times and sparked her passion to give back. She’s a proud board member of Helping Hands for India, formed by a group of yoga teachers, who have built a school in northern India, providing free education to almost 300 children.

Theresia Valoczy is #1 Bestselling Author, Author of Bell's Spiritual Tales of Life International Best Selling Book, Certified Law of Attraction Master Hypnotherapist, Angelic Wealth Coach. Theresia coach female and young people to discover and find their passion, develop the personality. Her main aim is to teach people how to use their creative energy and the Universal Laws, Angel Guidance to complete their Life.

How to become a successful woman - Tips, advice and life experiences from women to women without taboos.

Release date: JUNE 13TH, 2018