Best Seller Books in Spirit of Spirituality

Have you ever dreamt of becoming an international bestseller?

Have you ever dreamt of building a long-term writing career?

I am Theresia Valoczy, the creator of Conscious Creators Publishing and the Conscious Creators Magazine, multiple international bestsellers and No.1 bestseller author, compiler, coach.

I have been working for the second year, to provide quality information to readers and present great people, coaches, authors, speakers around the world on the theme of conscious creation.

I worked with amazing people, My coauthors include Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Steve G Jones, and many others. We have achieved wonderful successes, as you can see in the picture below.

It’s a magical feeling when I can say that my authors have not only earned growth, relationships, international bestselling authorship through our cooperation, but we built a wonderful community and magazine together.

    “"Theresia transcended national, linguistic, and individual boundaries in putting together “Conscious Creators”.  She gave us the fantastic gift of becoming international bestselling authors and all of us are grateful for the achievement. I look forward to working with her on future projects      should they arise, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to co-create with like-minded spiritual individuals.”

     Jody Aberdeen #1 Best-Selling Author  

"Theresia has been a fantastic host to the creation of the book Conscious Creators, she worked magic in its production and reached #1 best seller with ease."

Toby Negus #1 Best Selling Author, 

Imagine holding a book with your name on its back.

                                                   Imagine opening it, look at the table of contents, and you will find your name.

                                                          It is a wonderful feeling to find your name in the book, is it not?

                                          If you are like me, you'll probably have goosebumps and your heart will jump out of place.

                                                                                                    Tranquil moments are...

And now imagine when you open your emails and read the following:

"I'm X. I read your chapter [title] in the book of Conscious Creators

and found it extraordinary.

I am very grateful for the information. It meant endless joy for me.

I would like to use your service. I would like you to help me personally."

Isn’t it magic?

This feeling with all the benefits you can get for you?

6 books and 12 magazines have appeared in the Conscious Creators series so far.

All of them reached the international bestseller status.

This also means that over the two years 41 coauthors has become international bestseller authors, and increased their relationship capital, visibility, and revenue.

You can become an international bestseller. You can join the Conscious Creators author team and enjoy more visibility.

You can advertise or present your work and service. 

You can become International Bestseller Author.

The next collaborative book project: How to become a successful woman? 

(Do you know how much a full-page ad cost for a month?

Imagine that this will give you all the benefits of "advertising" for a lifetime of $ 69 USD)

Do you know how much energy and time it takes for your book to appear and your name to become known?

You can radically lower it by attending the CONSCIOUS CREATORS PROJECT.